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icelavam will become famous soon enough
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Last adidas zx flux junior night on Instagram, Pharrell had the sneaker world buzzing when he posted a pair of Billionaire Boys Club/ICECREAM x adidas Stan Smiths. White takes over on the midsole, and sits above a red 360-Air unit and outsole.This Air Max LeBron VIII, or a modified pair, will be released at retailers like Foot Locker and Footlocker on October 26th, the same day as the "China" colorway.Color: Black/White-Sport Red-Metallic GoldStyle: 417098-002via Foot Locker Unlocked Coming in a hemp, core black and chalk white colorway, they feature a camouflage printed textured mesh upper with black leather accents. He added a caption about needing help deciding which animal print to wear today, smartly choosing his newly acquired Jordans over his dog Pebbles.If you don't know, Hogan is currently a wrestling free agent, and still a reasonably sought after commodity at age 60. Available in light brown and black bases, with trademark Gucci colors accenting each midsole, you can check for these to arrive at Gucci sneaker retailers and flagship stores alike in the near future.If you have to show off some monogram, good news: You can roll the top down to reveal the brand's signature interlocking 'G' print canvas.Via: HighSnob The standard neoprene upper was plenty breathable and pliable, but doesn't necessarily give you a warm and fuzzy feeling – and that's where Nike's new version comes in.

Evolving with the times, Fila**presents modern updates for two of its archive silhouettes from the 80s and 90s.The Original Tennis 2.0, a new take on one of the brand's most recognizable models, has been constructed with a fully reflective upper, memory foam-padded bootie and dual pull-tabs for easy on-and-off.Almost identical to the pair that debuted in the mid-90s, the Mindbender F features a no-sew, air-mesh upper. While most thought he'd soon wear a signature shoe all his own, the Chicago-groomed shooting guard will pridefully break out the Air Jordan 2010 starting in January, weeks before the $170 hitting February adidas zx flux sale 13th drop.The Air Jordan 2010, designed by both Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith, marks a new era for Jordan Brand, and not just because it sets the foundation for both the celebration and direction of the 25th Anniversary. Images via lequan306by Brendan DunneThe Nike Flyknit Racer sole hasn't been used so far for any sneakers other than the Nike Flyknit Racer.That hasn't stopped this customizer of sorts from trying out the tooling with a different Flyknit kit on top. As the Nike Air Force 180 "Olympic" is returning, it's only right that Nike bring some other colorways back out for this Charles Barkley sneaker. It allows payday to come through on Monday and properly your pockets for a drop that can get pretty pricey if you're getting all three pairs.The Air Jordan Retro 2 "Candy Pack' will be available in limited quantities over at Eastbay.Color: Del Sol/Black-WhiteStyle: 395709-701Color: Varsity Red/Black-WhiteStyle: 395709-601Color: Classic Green/Black-WhiteStyle: 395709-301images via Jumpman23 With a technology like Flyknit all we have to do is send our design files to the coders, program the machines and send the code to the factory to make the final product.

Luis SanchezThe mid-90's basketball classic Air Max Uptempo '95 is now up for grabs on NikeStore, making it's return to retail a bit sooner than expected. A translucent Air Force 1 sole sits below, featuring a visible heel Max Air unit.Stay tuned to Sole Collector for further details on the release of this orange-based Air Force 1 Foamposite Pro Low.via hayabusa And we look back at its heritage, and the idea of these really beautiful saturated suedes and team colors that sort of spoke to the authenticity of it. There's adidas zx flux black metallic copper no doubt that the Nike Janoski sneaker everyone has their eyes on right now is the reissue of the "Digi Floral" pair, but another interesting one just touched down at Nikestore.Just released is this sneaker, a Slip silhouette with a watercolor graphic on its upper that's sort of got a Monet brushstroke look to it. via Denny Medley for USA Today Sportsby Brendan DunneWilliam Gay of the Pittsburgh Steelers is the latest NFL player to get hit with a fine for wearing the wrong color of cleats.Aditi Kinkhabwala reports that Gay was fined $5,787 today for his recent wear of a Nike Alpha Pro 2 TD in a purple/yellow scheme that doesn't match with the colors of his team. by Marvin BariasWelcome to Sole Collector's Best Pickups of the Week!You'll see a variety of pickups such as the newest conversion of the De La Soul Nike SB Dunk into a low, a 2011 Air Jordan Quai 54 and one of the more successful lows to date in the Retro Air Jordan 11 Blk/Red.

Luis SanchezNike's latest innovative runner is introduced in yet another vibrant color scheme for the ladies.The Swoosh went all out on these, combining all their latest tech in Flyknit construction and 360 Max Air cushioning. He's already one of the most recognizable sports figures because of his game, his look, his hunger to win and his style on the off the court. and Victor Cruz will take to the field in these custom designs marking the 15th anniversary of 9/11.According to ESPN, the custom Nike cleats were designed by Kickasso."Odell wanted to pay tribute adidas zx 8000 to the heroes of 9/11, and not toward the tragedy aspect, with the falling building and the heroes all around kind of helping and saving people," said**Troy Cole, who runs the custom sneaker business.In addition, Giants coaches and staff will wear 9/11 pins and some players might wear the gloves pictured below.Gloves Under Armour gave to its endorsers on the NY Giants for 9/11 anniversary for Sunday's game (vi. There's some evidence to support this theory.James' current switch out of the shoe didn't come until the Cavs lost their first game of the playoffs. This DMX Run colorway features a white and green base, with light (neon) green and silver accents, all on a blue translucent outsole.All four colorways of the retro Reebok DMX Run will release this February at select Reebok Classics retailers.via mita sneakers Brands like Nike, adidas, and Under Armour spend millions of dollars every year in marketing efforts that shape how they present themselves to customers around the world.There are, of course, big flashy ad campaigns, and sponsorships with individual athletes, teams, and leagues that are huge.
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